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It is our belief that everybody should try to experience the world by foot or by bike. No windshields, no barriers, just pure emotions and direct contact with nature and people. Because travel is about the life experience and not just destination. Discovering new things about the world and yourself. Trips that remind you of what it means to be alive.


We are sharing our passion for authentic, high quality hiking and biking tours. Curating unforgettable experiences in the Adriatic environment that give the opportunity to discover the remarkable nature and the warm spirit of the true local people in a way that no ordinary tour could provide.

We offer hiking and biking in the most beautiful places and pristine spots. From classic tours to epic trips we always deliver our best that people and environment can offer. Active Adriatic tours are suitable for all ages and experience. Our goal is not only to activate your body but all five senses. With our tours you will see, you will feel, you will hear, you will touch and you will taste.


Our vision of being intrigued about adventures and new things that lead you out of your comfort zone, gives immense rewards and personal growth. For anyone who believes that full life is outside and not inside the brick walls. We strongly believe that you get out of life precisely what you put in. And traveling isn't just about seeing the world but is meeting real people and sharing experience to build a better tomorrow.

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