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These »Booking Conditions and Terms of Services« listed below are an integral part of a contract concluded between Active Adriatic, tourist agency, Aljoša Lisjak S.P. (Active Adriatic or organizer hereinafter), and the client/user who is applying for one of Active Adriatic tour packages. These conditions and terms apply to all tours organized by Active Adriatic, unless otherwise specified in the tour programs.

The client is everyone who makes a valid booking or purchase and thus pays for a tour package or any other service offered by Active Adriatic and to whom these terms and conditions apply. 

If the client book and buy a tour package from Active Adriatic online, it is considered that has automatically agreed to these terms and conditions immediately upon the ordering of the package. If the client make a reservation of the tour in person, on the phone or by written email, it is considered that he/she have read these terms and conditions before and accepted them.

Terms and conditions can be read on the website, and on any other website where Active Adriatic tour package offers are distinctly marked and generally available to the public. 

**Please read the conditions and terms of service in full before you book a tour. You are encouraged to contact us, if you require further clarification of any of the conditions.


Prices are listed within the Active Adriatic tour programs and are valid from the day of publishing. The client is obligated to pay all the additional taxes, even if these are not included in the price of the tour. Active Adriatic is obligated to point together all costs, any additional offer ordered, itinerary costs and present the final price to the client.

Active Adriatic held the right to change the final price of a program at least 20 days in advance of the tour's start date, in case of any currency or any price changes made from other providers influencing the tour's costs. If the amount rises up to 10% higher from the previous price, the client has the right to resign from the contract agreement and to get a full refund from Active Adriatic.  

Active Adriatic can write the price of a program and additionally lists, that it can be reduced in case that a certain number of clients additionally book the tour, or under any other listed circumstances. This kind of listing does not guarantee, in any way, that the price will definitely be reduced and a client cannot resign from the contract with the right of any refunds, in case that would not happen.


Unless otherwise stated in the tour program, the price includes accommodation and food services, listed in the program and tour organization.

Unless otherwise stated in the program, a price of a tour package is a price per person for rooms with two or more beds.


Special services are normally not included in the basic price of a tour package (single room, special diet etc.). In case there are special services possible, the client states their wishes upon application and pays additional costs. Normally, the special services are paid separately, unless otherwise stated in the program.

During the tour, the client pays additional costs for special services directly to the tour manager or Active Adriatic representative or the organizer of the additional trip on the location of the service itself, in the currency of the state, if the special service is still possible at the time, at the price set on the location.



The client can book an Active Adriatic experience directly online on the website, via phone or an email Any personal, phone or email ordering, which contains a client's personal information, documentation and deposit information for the tour is considered as booking and these terms and conditions automatically apply.

In the booking process, the client is obligated to inform Active Adriatic about all the accurate personal information and deliver documents needed for booking. In case that the client uses inaccurate information, he/she takes the whole responsibility and has to pay additional expenses caused due to wrong information.

Once a client books a tour through the website or in person, through phone or email, he/she agrees with these terms and conditions, subjected in a contract between Active Adriatic and the client. The contract comes into force once Active Adriatic confirms a client's booking with the written message. The client can resign from the contract only under the conditions listed under the points 9. »Changes«, 10. “Cancellations made by organizer” and 11. “Cancellations made by clients” of these Booking Conditions and Terms of Services.

**Active Adriatic encourages clients to send an email inquiry to ask for additional information needed before booking.


The paying currency is in euros (EUR/€) and dollars (USD/$). The day of payment is the day when Active Adriatic gets the amount on its bank account or its PayPal account from the client.

In order to book a tour, Active Adriatic requires the deposit of 30% or a full payment of the tour price. The balance of the tour package’s full cost must be paid at least 30 days before the departure date together with all the requested additional offer, like bike or equipment rentals, supplements, extra nights, extra transport, etc., except the special services inscribed under the point 4. »Special services« of this document.

In case that the client does not pay the full price, Active Adriatic considers that he/she resigns from the contract and, sensibly, stipulations from the point 11. »Cancellations made by clients«« of this document apply. Paying correctly, and in time, gives a client the rights under these terms and conditions and obligate Active Adriatic to keep the client's place reserved on the booked tour.

In case that the booking is made when there are less than 30 days until the departure date, a full price of a final package must be paid within 48 hours after receiving an invoice from Active Adriatic. All the tour fees must be paid in full before participating in it. The client is obligated to show a valid payment confirmation document to the tour operator, otherwise it is considered that the client did not settle the invoice. No person(s) will be allowed to join the tour without fully settling their invoice and receiving the confirmation number from Active Adriatic.

The exceptions are some last minute miscellaneous fees, for example, additional tickets of attractions, tastings of local cuisine, etc. These can be settled on the day of arrival. In these situations, Active Adriatic is not in the position of organizer, but the informer, and all the reclamation are processed directly with the service provider there on the site.

The client is obligated to pay the price difference in case of miscalculation written on the invoice sent from Active Adriatic to the client. Also, Active Adriatic is obligated to repay the difference which arises from a miscalculation on the invoice sent to the client. This obligation is valid from the time when the client gets the invoice and until the end of the current business year.



The following methods are available to make payments to of the tour packages:


Bank Transfer Information:

Recipient: ACTIVE ADRIATIC, tourist agency, Aljoša Lisjak S.P.

Address: Semedela 99c, 6000 Koper, Slovenia

Destination Bank: Intesa Sanpaolo Bank D.D. 
Pristaniška ulica 14, 6502 Koper, Slovenia
SEPA/IBAN Account number: SI56 1010 0004 5057 756

*Please note that international transfer fees or charges are the additional charge that transferor is responsible for paying.



Active Adriatic is obligated to respect the discounts listed here, which are not compatible with each other:

  • Loyalty rewards. Every next time joining the tour of Active Adriatic, the client gets 5% discount, until the maximum, which is 15%;

  • Groups of 4-8 people get 10% discount, groups of 9-12 people get 12% discount;

  • Children under age of 14 get 10% discount.

In case there are more discounts, the client can decide which one suits him/her best and applies for it. The client has to write the mention about a wanted discount in the booking process, otherwise it will not apply in the price. Later reclamations are not acceptable and Active Adriatic reserves the right to decline any discounts after the booking is done.



If, after booking a tour, the client wants to make changes to another tour in the same calendar year, a written notice must be sent 60 day in advance to Active Adriatic email and 50€ administration fee per person plus additional taxes must be paid to Active Adriatic by the client. If the client wants to make changes to another tour in the next calendar year, and give at least 60 days' notice, the change fee will be 100€ per person plus additional taxes that have to be paid by the client to Active Adriatic.

If the client chooses to leave money on credit with Active Adriatic, this amount can be held for the maximum 365 days, and after that, the amount will be refunded back to the client.

Active Adriatic reserves the right to make route changes and accommodation modifications as needed and no compensation is payable for minor changes.

All other changes will be treated as cancellations and are subject to the following two points (10. and 11.).



In rare occasions, Active Adriatic can cancel the tour or change the vacation itinerary according to applicable Act. Active Adriatic reserves the right to cancel the tour no later than 7 (seven) days before the scheduled departure, if there are not enough applicants, under the conditions of the contract. 

Active Adriatic reserves the right to partially or completely withdraw from contract, when met with exceptional circumstances that could not be expected, removed or avoided, while these circumstances, if they were to exist before the arrangement, represent a valid reason for not signing the contract. With tour package programs depending on good weather or where weather is an essential condition of the tour, Active Adriatic can withdraw from contract, due to bad or inadequate weather conditions, considered as withdrawal due to exceptional circumstances. 

Active Adriatic can cancel the contract or withdraw from the contract and demand repair of damage from the client who is in direct violation of contract with Active Adriatic, if it is established that client intentionally misinformed Active Adriatic about the number of clients or their age, or if there were changes during the trip and Active Adriatic had not been informed. 

Active Adriatic reserves the right to change the day/date and time of the tour’s start due to force majeure, if the conditions of the tour change (new timetables, uncertain political conditions in a country, where Active Adriatic organizes the tour, natural disasters or other unforeseen circumstances Active Adriatic cannot influence), without special damages.

Active Adriatic cannot assume responsibility if the program changes due to force majeure during the tour itself. In these cases Active Adriatic can provide the services in a changed form, within existing possibilities.

In case Active Adriatic cancels the trip, the client is entitled to a full refund of the price of the tour package. In case Active Adriatic cancels the trip, the client has no right to a refund of a price of vaccination(s). 

In case of any kind of additional program change, Active Adriatic must notify the client immediately. If Active Adriatic or any other organizer withdraws from contract during the performance of its contractual obligations, they have a right to a fair payment for arranged services.

Active Adriatic is not responsible for flight, ship, bus or train delays, as well as for program changes as a result of the situation.

In case the conditions on spot prevent Active Adriatic from accommodating clients in previously arranged rooms, Active Adriatic accommodates the client in the same place/town in a building of the same category. 


Voluntary cancellations made by the client must be received written to an email Upon contract cancellation the client has to sign a cancellation document given by the sales assistant of Active Adriatic. In case the client refuses to sign the document, it is considered that the contract has not been cancelled.

Active Adriatic reserves the right to keep 30% deposit for the administration costs. The amount of refunded costs depends on when Active Adriatic gets a written email about cancelling the tour by the client and on the number of days before the tour start date.

Cancellations are processed under these stipulations:

  • Cancellations received at least 60 days in advance of a tour's start date will receive 70% refund of a tour final price;

  • Cancellations received between 59 and 30 days in advance of a tour's start date will receive 50% refund of a tour price;

  • Cancellation received between 29 and 15 days in advance of a tour's start date will receive 25% refund of a tour price;

  • Cancellations received in the last 14 days before a tour's start day will not be refunded.


In addition to the cancellation policy also applies:

  • In case the client changes the program on their own wish or does not travel according to program, it is considered that the client cancelled the contract. In this case the client also has no right to a refund of costs or purchase price. The client is in this case liable for any costs or damage caused by changing the program.

  • If the client fails to appear or cancel the tour package on departure date or even after, the client pays for the entire tour package. In case of otherwise specified cancellation cost conditions in the program, those conditions apply.

  • After signing the cancellation contract the client can change the name or number of clients, accommodation, under different conditions, so the change can be made without cancelling the tour package. In this case, the client has to pay only the administrative costs of 30% of the whole tour package price.

  • Any costs incurred by the Active Adriatic as a result of the cancellation, like non-refundable purchases of specific equipment or any non-refundable cancellation fees for accommodations or services, are not refundable.

  • Without documents needed or adequate insurance the client may be disallowed to continue the tour without the right of any refunds and the cancellation policy applies.

  • Clients who fail to provide the application form, payment of deposit and the full invoice in the dates inscribed in these Booking Conditions and Terms of Services, will not be able to join the tour and the cancellation policy applies.


*We advise that clients have full personal travel insurance that covers for the expenses in case either party cancels the tour for any reason.


Every client of Active Adriatic tours is encouraged to contact the consulate/embassy and their insurance company to place documentation and travel insurance in order.

The client has an obligation to be informed of passport, visa rules in force, exchange rules, customs and health regulations. The client must ensure that their person, documents, luggage meet the conditions of customs, border, health regulations of their country as well as transit country/ies and country/ies they plan to stay in. Active Adriatic is not liable in any way if a client cannot take a tour or accommodate due to not having documents in order. In case the client is denied entry to a country, or for any other impediment, the client is responsible for all costs.

In case some countries require a specific amount of time before the passport expires in order to enter the country, the client is solely responsible to ensure their identity document is in order. If any unpleasant situation or premature trip cancellation arises from disregarding these requirements Active Adriatic is not responsible.

Active Adriatic insists that a client must have a travel insurance before he/she travels to cover cancellations, medical expenses, injuries, death and repatriation. Clients should know, that by joining cycling or hiking tours, the client inherits risks involved and that Active Adriatic will not be liable for the medical expenses or evacuation in case of an accident.

Active Adriatic does not check insurance policies for suitability, but reserves the right to request a copy. If a client joins the tour without adequate insurance, Active Adriatic reserves the right to disallow from continuing the tour without the right of refund. This action protects both sides.

For damages where Active Adriatic is responsible, its liability is strictly limited to twice the total price of the tour. In booking a tour with Active Adriatic the client agrees to these terms and accepts this limit on our liability. It allows to keep the prices of the tours as low as possible.



Clients receive notification about the tour’s start via email (in case they provided Active Adriatic with their email address), otherwise they can get the information needed at or on the mobile phone number +38641822007.

In case the client does not receive the notification one (1) day before departure, he/she has to contact the organizer, otherwise Active Adriatic would assume a client have already got it.

In case the client submits an incomplete or false email address for notifications, voucher issue or contract, the client is responsible for all costs.


All the tours of Active Adriatic are graded and a client is responsible to be physically fit, experienced and suitably equipped to compete the tour. Children under the age of 10 are not allowed to participate the tours of Active Adriatic. Active Adriatic is not responsible for any complications or trip cancellation by the client due to client’s failure to follow health regulations of the country to which they travel or the program they apply for as well as any costs resulting from these actions.

If a client has allergies, special dietary requests or medical conditions, he/she is obligated to inform Active Adriatic about it before the booking process and also inform the tour operators, operating the tour. Active Adriatic cannot guarantee that will be able to meet the client's requirements or special requests. If Active Adriatic reasonably feels unable to properly accommodate the particular needs of the person, has the right to decline or cancel the booking.

The client's booking is accepted on the basis that he/she understands and accepts the inherent risks involved in adventure or activity travel and that he/she undertakes the treks, tours and activities of his/her own free will. If a client decides that is unable to continue the holiday, takes the responsibility for making his/her own alternative arrangements at own expenses. If in Active Adriatic's reasonable opinion a client's behavior is likely to cause injury, upset or distress to third party or damage to property, the tour managers of Active Adriatic are entitled to terminate the holiday of the person(s) concerned, without prior notice and they will be responsible for making alternative arrangements and no refunds will be given.


Accommodations in Active Adriatic tour programs are marked according to the national categorization of the country in the time of publishing the program. Active Adriatic has no influence on these. Active Adriatic warns, that countries do not have same standards and a client's country standards can differ from those he/she travels to.

Active Adriatic does not take responsibility of false information provided by any other sources, which are not in accordance to the official programs of Active Adriatic.

Also house rules of different accommodation, food, beaches and other supplies quality are not under cover of Active Adriatic.

Hoteliers are the ones who decide the distribution of the clients to the rooms. A client can ask for accommodating together with another client or make suggestions about the distribution, but Active Adriatic and/or hoteliers cannot guarantee these will be realized.



If a client want to make complaint or reclamation, he/she has to make it during the tour to the tour operator, another direct organizer or to the local tourist agency in the form of a letter. If a reclamation can be solved on site, for example lack of cleanliness, equipment or room position, and a client did not complain on the site and write to the listed authorities, it is considered that he/she agrees with these conditions and does not have any rights to reclamations or get any refunds after the tour is finished. In other words, if the written emailed reclamation does not include the record made by the tour operator, it cannot be obtained as valid.

In any reclamation process, a client must reclaim inadequate services there on the site to the tour operator's representative or, in his/her absence, to the service provider. A client and a representative or provider have to cooperate for a good purpose. A client must list the time, the place and the reason of the reclamation. This written message has to be sent to Active Adriatic, who reasonably decides, if the reclamation is accepted.

If the reclamation is accepted, the following solutions are provided:

  • In case of a problem with accommodation, a client has the right to compensation in the amount of the one night price;

  • In case of a problem with food, a client has the right to an alternate meal;

  • In case of a problem with equipment (bicycle, helmet, etc.), a client has the right to replace it with another.  

If an offered solution is not accepted by the client on the site, he/she must get a confirmation and report together with the representative of Active Adriatic. A client must email the reclamation enclosed with the confirmation report and other evidences to within the time of two months after the tour participating. Active Adriatic is obligated to answer first time within 8 days after receiving the reclamation email, and finally inform the client about the conclusion in a reasonable time needed. Until Active Adriatic does not provide the final conclusion to the client, the client resigns to forward the complaint to any higher authorities, to media or other publicity.

Active Adriatic will solve only problems which could not be solved on the site with its representative or a service provider. Reclamation has to be signed by the client and justified with all needed evidences attached (bills of the costs, confirmations and reports of the hoteliers, transport organizers, etc.).

An amount of compensation in any way depends on the itinerary costs. The compensations are based on the real value of missing or inadequate services. This stipulation is not valid in case of Active Adriatic has the right to make changes of the program, that are in line with this document of conditions and terms.


Active Adriatic, its representatives or other service providers in the tour do not take responsibility for damaged, stolen or lost luggage and documents. A client reports damaged, lost or stolen items to transport operator, hotels or other supplier and is obligated to cover the costs caused by transportation of items.

If a client loses documents needed for continuing the tour, they must be provided at his/her own expense. A client can always ask for help or advice to tour operators, hotel managers or transport operators. If a client has to end the tour due to stolen, damaged or lost documentation or luggage, he/she is not eligible to any refunds and the cancellation policy ( under the point 11. of this document) applies.


The websites of Active Adriatic are established and designed with the greatest care, though, complete update and full correctness of all the information are not guaranteed. Active Adriatic is not liable for direct or indirect damages and/or unavailability of information on the sites. Also, Active Adriatic does not take responsibility in case of linking our pages with others, which are operated by other third parties.

Information and prices published on photos or websites are informative and have never more value than those listed in the programs on the official website of Active Adriatic. In case of doubt, the right information is always this in the official programs.



Active Adriatic reserves the right free of charge to collect and use any visual and audio material, such as photos, images or videos, that are taken by tour guides or other participants, in printed and electronic media, such as marketing material and web pages, for promoting tours and services worldwide. In case that a client does not give us the right to collect and use visual and audio material of him/her, Active Adriatic must be informed of such decision in writing before the start of the tour.



Active Adriatic, tourist agency, takes responsibility, that all sent or in any way communicated information of personal data is not going to be forwarded to the third parties. All personal data are strictly confidential, used for intern business evidence and for the purpose, for which they were transmitted. A client's data is protected from abuse, stealing, loss, unauthorized access, changes or destruction.



Any disputes regarding our trips and these booking conditions are subject to Slovenian laws and will be held exclusively in the courts of Republic Slovenia. These Booking Conditions and Terms of Services apply to all the contracts concluded from the day of the publication of the present printed matter. 


ACTIVE ADRIATIC, tourist agency
Semedela 99c
6000 Koper

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