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For all our tours we use well-known German made bikes with lightweight alloy frames, 30 speed gearing, disc brakes and Shimano components.

Available in Men's and Women's versions.

Trekking Bike

Top Quality Touring E-bikes with Bosch Active line system are available on all biking tours at an additional cost. Available in Men's and Women's versions.

Highly recommended for everybody who wants some extra help on the ride when needed. The bikes are equipped with a powerful Lion battery which gives a boost to pedaling. The assist system adds extra power to each stroke. You can select your level of assistance and regulate the pace of your journey.


On all our tours we provide an Active Adriatic water bottle, which you are welcome to keep at the end of your tour. Each bike comes with a water bottle cage, if you prefer more you are welcome to bring your own water camel back. Your guide carries spare tubes and a tool kit.

Helmets are a standard item on all our  bikes tours but you may want to consider bringing your own if you are taking a long tour as helmets are considered a personal item by many.

All bike saddles are very comfortable, made for longer trips. You are welcome to bring  your own saddle if that is preferred and we'll fit it (just bring the saddle, not the seat post as these sizes vary).

The bikes are equipped with standard pedals but we can provide toe cages and SPDs as well (an upfront  booking is needed) . If you do bring your SPD pedals, please make sure to bring your shoes and cleats.

Our bikes are equipped also with back panniers to give you the ability to carry personal things (spare cycling jersey and shorts, snacks, etc) for your daily trip.

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