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We lead pioneering, authentic, high quality biking and hiking tours in the Adriatic Europe in a way that no ordinary tour could provide.

Everything has been considered; the route, the trails, the food, the culture, the weather conditions, the flow of the day, the
flow of the week and when we hike or ride in each destination.


Each tour has been scheduled at the optimal time of year to experience each particular destination – we want you to savour every moment of your adventure with us and take home memories that will last a lifetime.


At Active Adriatic we use a combined rating of elevation or distance and fitness preparation needed to specify the activity level for each tour. Distance is shown in average kilometers per day and elevation  in average altitude climbed meters per day. All our tours require basic fitness preparation which can be acquired in daily life by doing smart hiking or biking. The fitter you are the more you will enjoy the tour. Additionally we provide the average time spent for active hiking or biking so it is easy for you to gauge the suitability level of the tour for your abilities. 

eBikes option gives you the extra flexibility on the bike tours. Longer distances can be biked easily and more places discovered. With an additional boost of energy to pedaling eBikes gives you the option to level your pace as needed.

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